Shoe Review: Nike Romaleos 4

Shoe:Nike Romaleos 4

Nike Romaleos 4 - Deals (£170), Facts, Reviews (2021) | RunRepeat

Category- Olympic Lifting Shoe

Weight-Men’s (US10) 20.1oz

Heal to Toe Drop: 20mm

Cost- ~$200


  • Extremely stiff which provides optimal conditioning for heavy weight lifting
  • 20 mm heel raise, allows for “mobility” at the ankles, which most people lack, allowing for the ability to complete deep squats
  • wide base of support
  • 2 straps to lock down the foot
  • Rubber outsole for great traction


  • Some reviews I have read have complained about its comfort

Comparable shoe:

  1. Adidas Powerlift 4
  2. Reebok legacy Lifter

Who are the Nike Romaleos 4 good for?

This is for the competitive power and olympic lifters. These shoes offer the stiffness and heel height that are good for absolutely nothing besides when you are doing heavy lifts. If you are a casual gym goer these are most definitely unnecessary especially at the $200 price point. However, if you are trying to increase your lifts, these are a game changer.


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