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Fatigue Is Not a Risk Factor for ACL Injuries: Myth Buster Monday

Fatigue is Not a Risk Factor for ACL Injuries:Mythbuster Monday Although I have torn my ACL twice, researched ACL injuries for 7 years and presented internationally regonized research on ACL risk reduction. Yet I still know very little about why ACL injuries occur.  However, every day we come a little closer and gain a betterContinue reading “Fatigue Is Not a Risk Factor for ACL Injuries: Myth Buster Monday”

Are Antioxidants Negatively Affecting Your Training?

Are Antioxidants Negatively Affecting Your Training First and Foremost we must start off with identifying what are Antioxidants? Antioxidants are compounds such as Vitamin C, E etc and have become incredibly popular in recent years, due to its ability to neutralize reactive oxygen species which are though to be responsible for being the root causeContinue reading “Are Antioxidants Negatively Affecting Your Training?”

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