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My Name is Tommy Hockenjos. I am currently a Third year student at High Point University’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program. I have a passion for helping active individuals optimize their physical performance and overall health. I do this by taking a holistic approach that is centered around improving their nutrition, movement and training. My passion lies in using the most up to date research to maximize my clients potential.

Listed below are some of the highlights of my young career.  


Downingtown, Pennsylvania

High School

High Point, North Carolina

B.S Exercise Science

High Point, North Carolina

Student Physical Therapist



My History


I graduated from High Point University with a B.S. in Exercise Science(concentration in Biomechanics) and a minor in Biology. Currently I am a Student Doctor of Physical Therapy with a passion of working with athletic populations.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine- Certified Personal Trainer
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine- Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • National Academy of Sport Medicine- Certified Nutrition Coach
  • International Sports Science Association – Specialist in Sports Nutrition

Research Publications/Presentations

My research has been wide ranging working on research projects that have been funded by the National Institute of Health and Adidas International. Much of my research has centered around injury prevention of adolescent/college aged athletes and the use of dual energy x-ray absorptiometry(DXA) to better understand the relationship between body compositions and risk factors for athletes. 


Listed below are the research publications and presentations I have been apart of


“High Risk Female Soccer Players Maintain Improved Knee Abduction Load Six-Months after Neuromuscular Training Program” Tommy Hockenjos, Audrey E. Westbrook MS, Anh-Dung Nguyen, PhD, ATC, Jeffrey B. Taylor DPT, PhD, SCS, CSCS, 4Mark V. Paterno PT, PhD, SCS, ATC, Kevin R. Ford PhD, FACSM Accepted to 2021APTA Combined Sections Meeting

“Calcaneal Bone Density: Comparison of Dual-Energy x-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) and Quantitative Ultrasonometry” Thomas Hockenjos, Emily Johnson, Caleb Wolters, Kathryn Bohnert, MS, Kevin Ford, David Sinacore Accepted to 2021APTA Combined Sections Meeting

Influence of Sport-related Loading on Metatarsal Bone Mineral Density in High School Football Players” Kevin R. Ford, Audrey Westbrook, Ahh-Dung Nguyen, Thomas J. Hockenjos, David R. Sinacore, James M. Smoliga, Jeffrey B. Taylor  2019 APTA Combined Sections Meeting Washington, DC January 23-26, 2019

“Higher Vertical Stiffness is Related to Greater 5th Metatarsal Bone Mineral Density In Football Players” Thomas J. Hockenjos, Kevin Ford, Justin Waxman, Ahh-Dung Nguyen, Audrey Westbrook, Michelle Aube, Jeffrey Taylor Presented at The 65th The American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 29th – June 2nd 2018

Landing Patterns of Collegiate Female Volleyball Players During Practice and Competition” Jeffrey B. Taylor, Jenny L. Kantor, Thomas J. Hockenjos, Haley Barnes, Steven L. Dischiavi Journal ofSports Medicine Physical Fitness 

Landing Patterns of Collegiate Female Volleyball Players During Practice and Game Competition” Jenny L. Kantor, Steven L. Dischiavi, Thomas J. Hockenjos, Jeffrey B. TaylorPresented at The American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting Denver, Colorado, May 31st- June 3rd 2017

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