Cues For Proper Form During a Plank

Maintaining proper form is important for keeping yourself safe and ensuring you are targeting the correct muscles. Some cues that you want to focus on are: Keep the elbows directly under your shoulders Having a “straight” back Head in neutral alignment Focus on engaging your “core”  Research has shown, when focusing on engaging your coreContinue reading “Cues For Proper Form During a Plank”

How Much Protein do you actually need?

The common saying is 1gram per pound you weigh. However, very few people actually need that much. Research has shown the minimum amount to maintain muscle mass for most adults is 0.8 g per kilogram( 0.37 grams per pound). However, depending on the demands we place on our body and the goals we have, we may need additional protein intake.

MYTH BUSTING MONDAY- “🤡Knees shouldn’t go over your toes in a squat🤡”

One of the first things you learn to do when you enter a weight room, is “How to squat”.  I still remember when I was taught to squat.  I was told to stand infront of a wall, with my toes nearly touching the wall.  I then was walked through how to squat.  I was taughtContinue reading “MYTH BUSTING MONDAY- “🤡Knees shouldn’t go over your toes in a squat🤡””

7 Exercises Using Only A Skateboard

Skateboard can be an incredibly useful exercise tool to develop strength, stability, balance, cardio, etc.