Front Vs Back Squats: Understanding How Bar Positions Completely Alters an Exercise

Bar Positioning is one of the most popular ways to alter the challenges and goals of a squat. The most common squat variations include front and back loaded sqauts. Both are effective at building strength in the Hips, Legs, and back; however the slight variation in weight placement can alter our movement pattern, muscles targeted and the amount of weight we are able to lift.

How to Progress and Regress Squats

Learning how to properly progress and regress exercises is absolutely critical. However, sometimes progressions are taken too far and that leads to people performing squats on Yoga balls. Here are my top 5 ways to progress a squat:

MYTH BUSTING MONDAY- “🤡Knees shouldn’t go over your toes in a squat🤡”

One of the first things you learn to do when you enter a weight room, is “How to squat”.  I still remember when I was taught to squat.  I was told to stand infront of a wall, with my toes nearly touching the wall.  I then was walked through how to squat.  I was taughtContinue reading “MYTH BUSTING MONDAY- “🤡Knees shouldn’t go over your toes in a squat🤡””

7 Best Closed Chain Exercises For Glute Max Activation

Developing Neuromuscular Activation can be extremely beneficial for almost everyone. In the rehab setting, many people have inhibited muscles, whether it be from an injury or even inhibited hip flexors from sitting all the day. Muscle activation can also be very important for people who are preparing for training or competition. Performing muscle activation exercise can help “wake up” the muscle and help improvement performance while decreasing risk of injury. The beautiful part of Neuromuscular activation exercises is we can expect to see results occur much more rapidly than strength gains. These can also be used as a precursor to strengthening exercises and act as a primer. However, we should understand the limitations. Many times, but not always, exercises aimed at neuromuscular activation are not effective at improving strength or building muscle.