What you need to do if you are suffering from runners knee

1. Increase your step rate(cadence) by 10% 2. Increase the frequency of training and decrease length of each training session 3. Avoid running downhill and stairs and then slowly start to implement them back in 4. Incorporate Run/Walk Intervals 5. Ensure you are recovering properly(sleeping, eating, etc) 6.Focus on doing heavy strengthening of quads andContinue reading “What you need to do if you are suffering from runners knee”

MYTH BUSTING MONDAY- “šŸ¤”Running is Bad For Your KneesšŸ¤””

How many times have you heard running is bad for your knees? My answer is WAYYYYYYYY TOOOO MUCH More and more research is suggesting this common belief is completely wrong. Here are 2 of the most talked about studies over the last 5 years. Both have shown the beneficial effects of running on our knees.Continue reading “MYTH BUSTING MONDAY- “šŸ¤”Running is Bad For Your KneesšŸ¤”””

How to get into Running…Safely

Runningā€™s popularity has been steadily increasing since the 1970ā€™s and based off of working at a running store, it has exploded during this pandemic.Running has allowed people to get out of the house, possibly away from their children and in the fresh air.This is fantastic as running is not only one of the most popularContinue reading “How to get into Running…Safely”