Attention Runners: You Need Strength Training

70% of Runners will get injured this year Runners are a unique breed that will do anything to improve their perofrmance.  They will buy the newest shoes, massage guns, normatec boots, goos, etc.  However, there is one thing they will do at all cost….. AVOID THE WEIGHT ROOM.  This lack of committment to the weightContinue reading “Attention Runners: You Need Strength Training”

What you need to do if you are suffering from runners knee

1. Increase your step rate(cadence) by 10% 2. Increase the frequency of training and decrease length of each training session 3. Avoid running downhill and stairs and then slowly start to implement them back in 4. Incorporate Run/Walk Intervals 5. Ensure you are recovering properly(sleeping, eating, etc) 6.Focus on doing heavy strengthening of quads andContinue reading “What you need to do if you are suffering from runners knee”