Myth Busting Monday: Quit Overcomplicating Recovery and Drink Some Milk

With my oblivious nature of never knowing the date I was fooled one too many times on April 1st. However, one of my favorite April’s fools post came from @scientist_with_a_board Almost all supplements on the market make bold claims of being a new formula, thats going to bigger faster stronger more ripped and a sexContinue reading “Myth Busting Monday: Quit Overcomplicating Recovery and Drink Some Milk”

Week 2: 7 “Low Impact Cardio” exercises

Finding exercises that are low impact on your joints while also working your heart is absolutely critical for athletes returning from injury, individuals trying to lose a few pounds or someone just trying to keep their heart healthy. Here are 7 great exercises that will help you accomplish this goal!

Marathon Week: Nutritional Gameplan

Originally Posted November 18 2020 ( As many of you know I have been training for the San Antonio marathon which was suppose to take place December 5th. However, with Covid-19 cases spiking across the country, the race was canceled. Although I was disappointed since I was ecstatic to experience warm weather in December, SanContinue reading “Marathon Week: Nutritional Gameplan”