Strength Training For Improved Flexibility: MythBuster Monday’s

The myth that strength training will make “Stiff” and “Bulky” was the common belief in athletic populations throughout much of the 20th century. This continued to be the belief in sports such as golf and dance until recent years. Although, most athletic communities have accepted that strength training’s benefits far outweigh the thought to cons; with the main con being that strength training will make you muscle bound. However, recent research has shown Strength Training as an effective intervention for improved flexibility.

Myth Busting Monday: šŸ¤”You shouldn’t train the opposite side when you are injuredšŸ¤”

Rehab is full of myths and misconceptions. Today we talked about the importance of cross over training in the rehab process.

Myth Busting Monday: Quit Overcomplicating Recovery and Drink Some Milk

With my oblivious nature of never knowing the date I was fooled one too many times on April 1st. However, one of my favorite April’s fools post came from @scientist_with_a_board Almost all supplements on the market make bold claims of being a new formula, thats going to bigger faster stronger more ripped and a sexContinue reading “Myth Busting Monday: Quit Overcomplicating Recovery and Drink Some Milk”

MYTH BUSTING MONDAY- “šŸ¤”Running is Bad For Your KneesšŸ¤””

How many times have you heard running is bad for your knees? My answer is WAYYYYYYYY TOOOO MUCH More and more research is suggesting this common belief is completely wrong. Here are 2 of the most talked about studies over the last 5 years. Both have shown the beneficial effects of running on our knees.Continue reading “MYTH BUSTING MONDAY- “šŸ¤”Running is Bad For Your KneesšŸ¤”””