Caffeine Naps: My Secret To Maximizing My Time

One of the biohacking techniques that I still use today is caffeine naps. The concept for caffeine naps is consuming some form of caffeine(coffee, tea, caffeine tablets etc) then taking a 20 minute nap. We know that a 20 minute naps have many benefits that includes providing needed energy. We also know that caffeine usually takes about 30 minutes to get into our system and begin to increase our alertness and sense of energy. So when we combine these, of taking the nap during the time which the caffeine is getting “activated” we can create a super compensation effect.

How I have made money during college and Physical Therapy School

Going through Physical Therapy school is tough. You don’t only have class 8-5 most days, but you are also required to study after class. On top of that we are expected to stay up to date on current research. Finding time to work and make money can be extremely tough. Here are some of the ways I have made money throughout both undergrad and graduate school.