7 Exercises Using Only A Skateboard

Skateboard can be an incredibly useful exercise tool to develop strength, stability, balance, cardio, etc.

Week 1: 7 exercises for Building an “Athletic Core”

An athlete’s core needs to be stable! Too often the the fitness industry push core exercises that lack the proper amounts of load, task specificity, and also lack dynamic motion. In this article I cover 7 exercises that will greatly improve an athletes core training!

My Frustration with Personal Trainer’s Obsession With Burpees

Every year you hear the same New Years resolution from your family at christmas dinner and your friends on social media,  “This year I am going to lose 20 pounds and become a healthier version of myself.”  This is a fantastic goal as our society is facing another health epidemic besides Covid-19 and that wouldContinue reading “My Frustration with Personal Trainer’s Obsession With Burpees”

The Physical Risk of Academic Finals:Modifying Load

As I reflect upon my marathon training over the last 4 month, I began to notice some interesting trends. Throughout the 4 months I suffered some mild setbacks(knee pains, decrease performance, trigger points etc) that hindered my training. However, when I went back and compared when these setbacks occurred, almost every single one coincided withContinue reading “The Physical Risk of Academic Finals:Modifying Load”