Should the NFL Get Rid of Turf Fields?

High-quality studies support an increased rate of ACL injury on synthetic playing surfaces in FOOTBALL,

2020 All Injury Team: Mid season recap blog

In July I wrote a blog titled, “Why My Concern for Player Safety is Much More Than Covid-19”. Within this article, I outlined my fear of injury rates significantly increasing with the return of sports throughout all professional leagues following the Covid-19 Crisis. This prediction stemmed from previous research following the National Football League (NFL)Continue reading “2020 All Injury Team: Mid season recap blog”

Why My Concern For Player Safety Is Much More Than COVID-19

Originally Published July 12 2020 ( I want to start with the irrational sport’s fan in me is ecstatic and feels as though my prayers have been answered with sports coming back. However, the physical therapist, researcher, and data driven part of me is nervous, scared and critical of the decision. Every day it feelsContinue reading “Why My Concern For Player Safety Is Much More Than COVID-19”