Should the NFL Get Rid of Turf Fields?

High-quality studies support an increased rate of ACL injury on synthetic playing surfaces in FOOTBALL,

Shoe Review: Altra Solstice XT

Shoe: Altra Solstice XT Category- Cross Trainers Weight-8.4oz Heal to Toe Drop: 0mm Stack Height: 23 mm Cost- $110 Pros: Comfortable for all day wear Upper gives support for lateral movements Enough support to perform agility drills Wide toe box that allows foot to splay and increase base of support at the foot Alot ofContinue reading “Shoe Review: Altra Solstice XT”

How I have made money during college and Physical Therapy School

Going through Physical Therapy school is tough. You don’t only have class 8-5 most days, but you are also required to study after class. On top of that we are expected to stay up to date on current research. Finding time to work and make money can be extremely tough. Here are some of the ways I have made money throughout both undergrad and graduate school.