Early Sports Specialization Short and Long Term Risk

Early sports specialization has become increasingly more popular, with 17% and 41% of youth athletes are now considered ‘highly specialized’ in sports. Much of this has been driven by parents and coaches hoping to help their kid get ahead and allow them to make varsity or get a scholarship for college. This has been amplifiedContinue reading “Early Sports Specialization Short and Long Term Risk”

Reviewing my $45 dollar Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs

I finally received my $45 Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs that I ordered from Alibaba . In the past I have used BFR cuffs extensively in the clinic to treat patients following ACL injuries as well as a way to modulate loads. The Blood flow restriction cuffs I have used have been from Smart cuffs andContinue reading “Reviewing my $45 dollar Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs”

How I Studied and Passed The NPTE Within 3 Weeks

Studying and preparing for the NPTE is incredibly stressful and overwhelming. Luckily my last clinical finished 3.5 weeks before the April NPTE. With this I saved much of my studying for this time and treated it as a full time job. Here are my favorite resources that allowed me to significantly improve my scores andContinue reading “How I Studied and Passed The NPTE Within 3 Weeks”

Fatigue Is Not a Risk Factor for ACL Injuries: Myth Buster Monday

Fatigue is Not a Risk Factor for ACL Injuries:Mythbuster Monday Although I have torn my ACL twice, researched ACL injuries for 7 years and presented internationally regonized research on ACL risk reduction. Yet I still know very little about why ACL injuries occur.  However, every day we come a little closer and gain a betterContinue reading “Fatigue Is Not a Risk Factor for ACL Injuries: Myth Buster Monday”