Shoe Review: Altra Rivera

Shoe: Altra Rivera Category- Neutral Road Shoe Weight-Men’s (US9) 8.6oz.  / 244g;  Women’s (US8) 6.67 oz. / 189g. Heal to Toe Drop: 0mm Stack Height: 26 mm of Altra’s Ego Foam Cost- $130 Pros: Responsive springy Foam Light enough to complete speed days, while offering enough cushion to work up to some longer runs(*I would feelContinue reading “Shoe Review: Altra Rivera”

Shoe Review: Altra Solstice XT

Shoe: Altra Solstice XT Category- Cross Trainers Weight-8.4oz Heal to Toe Drop: 0mm Stack Height: 23 mm Cost- $110 Pros: Comfortable for all day wear Upper gives support for lateral movements Enough support to perform agility drills Wide toe box that allows foot to splay and increase base of support at the foot Alot ofContinue reading “Shoe Review: Altra Solstice XT”

Shoe Review: Nike Metcon 5 Review

Shoe: Nike Metcon 5 Category- Cross Trainers Weight-10oz Heal to Toe Drop: 6mm Cost- $130 Pros: Great for heavy lifts Heel Inserts to increase the offset… Great for people who lack proper ankle dorsiflexion to allow them to get into deep squats Many designs/colors Wider fit than many other trainers Very comfortable and breathable Cons:Continue reading “Shoe Review: Nike Metcon 5 Review”

Do you need to change your shoes for winter? TPU vs EVA foam

Its winter and your runs are becoming harder and harder.  Is it because you don’t want to get out of your warm bed and go jog in the frigid morning air? Or are you like me and struggle to breath in cold weather? Maybe you feel like your muscles just can’t get loose?  All ofContinue reading “Do you need to change your shoes for winter? TPU vs EVA foam”