Shoe Review: Hoka Rincon 2

This shoe amazes me every-time I pull it for a customer. This shoe is an incredible shoe for speed days, while still maintaining a high level of cushion. Im a huge fan of this shoe for its qualities of high cushion, lightweight and great cost for what you are getting.

Front Vs Back Squats: Understanding How Bar Positions Completely Alters an Exercise

Bar Positioning is one of the most popular ways to alter the challenges and goals of a squat. The most common squat variations include front and back loaded sqauts. Both are effective at building strength in the Hips, Legs, and back; however the slight variation in weight placement can alter our movement pattern, muscles targeted and the amount of weight we are able to lift.

Shoe Review: New Balance 1080 V11

Shoe:New Balance 1080 V11 Category- Premium Cushion Neutral Shoe Weight- Men sz 10.5 (10.04 Oz)/ Women’s sz 7.5 (8 oz) Heal to Toe Drop: 8 mm Cost- ~$150 My quick opinion: This is one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. The fresh foam cushion is incredibly soft, making it feel like youContinue reading “Shoe Review: New Balance 1080 V11”

Shoe Review: Nike Romaleos 4

This is for the competitive power and olympic lifters. These shoes offer the stiffness and heel height that are good for absolutely nothing besides when you are doing heavy lifts. If you are a casual gym goer these are most definitely unnecessary especially at the $200 price point. However, if you are trying to increase your lifts, these are a game changer.