3 Reasons why protein is critical when trying to lose fat

Within almost any weight loss/fat loss plan, you will see protein is heavily emphasized. The reasoning for this is multifactorial. Heres why!

How Much Protein do you actually need?

The common saying is 1gram per pound you weigh. However, very few people actually need that much. Research has shown the minimum amount to maintain muscle mass for most adults is 0.8 g per kilogram( 0.37 grams per pound). However, depending on the demands we place on our body and the goals we have, we may need additional protein intake.

How much water do we actually need?

The importance of water and proper hydration is undeniable. Heck we are made up of majority of water. There is also countless research showing the negative side effects both in daily life and on Athletic Performance caused by dehydration. However, how much water do we actually need? We have all seen the gym bro’s walkingContinue reading “How much water do we actually need?”

Can the fitness industry please share the truth, instead of their typical nonsense?

To start this story, I was researching for an article on the claims made by @moveu about high waisted leggings “deactivating” your core(look out for this article next week) when I stumbled upon this post on my timeline by @fastreps Immediately my mind resorted to every physiology and nutrition course I have ever taken, tryingContinue reading “Can the fitness industry please share the truth, instead of their typical nonsense?”