Reviewing my $45 dollar Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs

I finally received my $45 Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs that I ordered from Alibaba . In the past I have used BFR cuffs extensively in the clinic to treat patients following ACL injuries as well as a way to modulate loads. The Blood flow restriction cuffs I have used have been from Smart cuffs andContinue reading “Reviewing my $45 dollar Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs”

Strength Training For Improved Flexibility: MythBuster Monday’s

The myth that strength training will make “Stiff” and “Bulky” was the common belief in athletic populations throughout much of the 20th century. This continued to be the belief in sports such as golf and dance until recent years. Although, most athletic communities have accepted that strength training’s benefits far outweigh the thought to cons; with the main con being that strength training will make you muscle bound. However, recent research has shown Strength Training as an effective intervention for improved flexibility.

What you need to do if you are suffering from runners knee

1. Increase your step rate(cadence) by 10% 2. Increase the frequency of training and decrease length of each training session 3. Avoid running downhill and stairs and then slowly start to implement them back in 4. Incorporate Run/Walk Intervals 5. Ensure you are recovering properly(sleeping, eating, etc) 6.Focus on doing heavy strengthening of quads andContinue reading “What you need to do if you are suffering from runners knee”

Cues For Proper Form During a Plank

Maintaining proper form is important for keeping yourself safe and ensuring you are targeting the correct muscles. Some cues that you want to focus on are: Keep the elbows directly under your shoulders Having a “straight” back Head in neutral alignment Focus on engaging your “core”  Research has shown, when focusing on engaging your coreContinue reading “Cues For Proper Form During a Plank”