Feature Friday with University of Lynchburg DPT Class President, Davis Tarkenton:

“You have to work hard in the dark to shine in the light”. Kobe Bryant This is a quote that I know Davis lives by. Having the opportunity to be roommates with Davis during my Junior year of Undergrad, gave me a life long friend and someone that i know will always be my hypeContinue reading “Feature Friday with University of Lynchburg DPT Class President, Davis Tarkenton:”

Feature Friday with Winnie (@winnatlife): Move BETTER + HAPPIER + LONGER

Winnie (@winnatlife) is a current 3 year student at her Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. In this article Winnie shares her experiences as a PT and tips for current Students.

How to get into Running…Safely

Running’s popularity has been steadily increasing since the 1970’s and based off of working at a running store, it has exploded during this pandemic.Running has allowed people to get out of the house, possibly away from their children and in the fresh air.This is fantastic as running is not only one of the most popularContinue reading “How to get into Running…Safely”

SHOE REVIEW: On Cloudsurfer

Shoe: On Cloud Surfer Category- Neutral Weight-11.64oz Heal to Toe Drop: 6mm Cost- $149.99 Features- Speed Board to improve energy return Soft responsive feel 16 Cloud Pods under the foot Cushion- Although the shoe is more stiff than alot of other trainers, these shoes provide plenty of cushioning and are most ideal for those middleContinue reading “SHOE REVIEW: On Cloudsurfer”