Speed Kills: 7 Ways to Improve Your Speed

A 2011, University of Georgia study found that only the 40 yard dash time had a positive correlation with NFL success. This should come as no surprise as speed is characteristics that is beneficial in nearly every sport and is very hard to gameplan around.

An athletes speed can be increased by improving the physical, metabolic, and neurological components associated with sprinting(Ebben 2008).

7 Best Closed Chain Exercises For Glute Max Activation

Developing Neuromuscular Activation can be extremely beneficial for almost everyone. In the rehab setting, many people have inhibited muscles, whether it be from an injury or even inhibited hip flexors from sitting all the day. Muscle activation can also be very important for people who are preparing for training or competition. Performing muscle activation exercise can help “wake up” the muscle and help improvement performance while decreasing risk of injury. The beautiful part of Neuromuscular activation exercises is we can expect to see results occur much more rapidly than strength gains. These can also be used as a precursor to strengthening exercises and act as a primer. However, we should understand the limitations. Many times, but not always, exercises aimed at neuromuscular activation are not effective at improving strength or building muscle.

High vs Low Volume Training Adaptations

What are the training adaptation you would expect with…. High Volume (lower intensity) Training Increased Muscle Size Increase Lean Body Mass Decrease Body Fat Increased metabolic rate Low Volume(High Intensity) Training Increased neuromuscular efficiency Increased rate of force production Increased motor unit recruitment Increased rate coding Increased motor unit synchronization Understanding the goal you areContinue reading “High vs Low Volume Training Adaptations”

7 Exercises Using Only A Skateboard

Skateboard can be an incredibly useful exercise tool to develop strength, stability, balance, cardio, etc.