Caffeine Naps: My Secret To Maximizing My Time

Throughout undergrad I had a stage where I was obsessed with “biohacking”. I read every book I could about how to hack the system and my body to get the most for doing the least. Although most of this is

I learned a-lot during my journey and even found a few things I use today. ****Although I will never perform my polyphasic sleeping pattern that I tried and had me only sleep 3.5 hours a day and taking multiple naps.****


One of the biohacking techniques that I still use today is caffeine naps. The concept for caffeine naps is consuming some form of caffeine(coffee, tea, caffeine tablets etc) then taking a 20 minute nap. We know that a 20 minute naps have many benefits that includes providing needed energy. We also know that caffeine usually takes about 30 minutes to get into our system and begin to increase our alertness and sense of energy. So when we combine these, of taking the nap during the time which the caffeine is getting “activated” we can create a super compensation effect.

This method has been incredibly useful in saving myself time and replenishing my “energy” while juggling school, work, research, blog, social media, dog dad duties and everything else life can throw at you.


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