Top 5 benefits of doing plank exercises?

  1. Anti-Extension Exercise:
    • As I discussed above in order to develop optimal core stability, resistant to forces in all directions must be executed. Planks are one of the best exercises for resisting forces that push us into extension.
  2. Full Body Exercise
    • Our core is much more than just our abdominals. Instead it includes our obliques, spinal stabilizers, shoulder musculature, back musculature, and hip musculature. The good news is that almost all of these muscles will benefit from planks!
  3. Develop Proper Motor Control
    • To piggyback off the idea of Planks being a full body exercise; planks require our body to create a “co-contraction”. This co-contraction teaches our muscles how to fire simultaneously and create stability.
  4. The Plank Can Be Beneficial For Everyone
    • One of the biggest benefits of the plank is that there are so many ways to progress or regress planks. This will make planks a valuable and effective exercise for everyone. Ranging from elite athlete to the sweet 80 year old grandma that I work with in the clinic.Can Be Done Anywhere!
    • The plank is a body weight exercise, meaning it requires absolutely no equipment . So hit a set of 30 second planks between your work meetings before you make yourself lunch or once you wake up in the morning. (The 10 minutes after hitting the snooze alarm may be the shortest 10 minutes and the 1 minute plank is the longest minute in the world)

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