What Current Physical Therapy Clinicians and Students View as The Biggest Problem in Physical Therapy?

I genuinely think it’s us, physical therapists, not acknowledging our own value. We are AMAZING health care providers. We make life-changing differences in our patient’s lives every day

But what do we do?

We dumb down our own expertise. We tolerate mediocrity within our own profession. We let ourselves be used as cash cows by *some*corporate PT business. We let ourselves get so burnt out that it is COMMON for physical therapists to question whether they made the right career choice in as little as 5 years out from graduation. 

-Dr. Marie Whitt DPT

Our current insurance based reimbursement model needs an upgrade as do a lot of documentation systems. I would say notes are the bane of most PT’s existence. While documentation is important, there has got to be a way to make this better!

Dr. Sophia Veiras DPT

Probably all the different reimbursement cuts and insurance interfering. Just let me treat the patient the way I know best.

– Dr. Whitney Gibson DPT

We don’t advocate for ourselves. I don’t know if its the personality type this profession attracts (not meant to offend anyone but just a thought) but there is SO much complaining with not many people being the change they want to see. Market yourself, your skills, you have what it takes, put it out there. If you don’t see what you want, make it.


The biggest problem I have viewed in physical therapy is the limited time with patients. From my experiences, both on a patient and “therapist” side, I can see how it can be frustrating to only get 10-15 minutes with your therapist, then they move to the next person. I can see the stress that builds in a therapist having to juggle multiple patients within a frame of an hour. This all leads to unhappy patients, and overworked therapists

Davis Tarkenton SPT

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