Shoe Review: New Balance 1080 V11

Shoe:New Balance 1080 V11

Category- Premium Cushion Neutral Shoe

Weight- Men sz 10.5 (10.04 Oz)/ Women’s sz 7.5 (8 oz)

Heal to Toe Drop: 8 mm

Cost- ~$150

My quick opinion: This is one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. The fresh foam cushion is incredibly soft, making it feel like you are on pillows. I especially love the sock like upper, that allows for maximum breathability. ** pro tip if you order a 1.5 size bigger and in the wide for the women’s version it will be the same as the mens shoe”


  • Extremely soft cushioning
  • Comes in narrow/ regular width/ wide and extra wide options
  • Rocker bottom that helps glide you forward
  • Sock like upper that is insanely comfortable
  • Color options(especially on the women’s options)
  • Great for long recovery runs
  • Unique heel cup that does a great job locking in the heel


  • Not built for speed
  • Has a lot of exposed foam underneath which can wear quickly
  • Fresh foam can wear quickly in heavier individuals
  • Rocker bottom can take some getting used to for many individuals
  • Cost

Comparable shoe:

  1. Hoka Clifton
    • Very similar stack height and feel of cushion. The 1080 has a much more distinct rocker feel and a softer upper
  2. Nike React Infinity Run
    • This is going to be a much more narrow option for someone looking for a high cushion running shoe.
  3. Saucony Triumph
    • Premium cushion neutral trainer. Although they are both built for cushion, the 1080 takes the sock like feel, while the triumph can only be described as plush

Who would I recommend the 1080 for?

This is a shoe I bring out for anyone who is looking for a comfortable walking shoe. The fresh foam and rocker bottom makes for an incredibly smooth ride. This is also a great option for anyone suffering from mechanical foot/achilles pain. For runners, this is primarily going to be used for long recovery runs.

**I would avoid this shoe if you are suffering from knee pain/injury, as rocker bottom shoes have been shown to put more strain on runners knees.**

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