5 Rotation Exercises: For Advanced Back Strengthening

Our backs are strong and need to move in all directions. Thinking back on my own experience, I cringe at how little I incorporated exercises that involved frontal or transverse plane movement during the early years of going to the gym. Over the last few years my training has become much more diverse. This week we will focus on transverse or rotational movements.

In athletics, being able to efficiently and effectively rotate allows athletes to generate significantly more power, speed and strength. It is also extremely functional for players like baseball, golf, tennis etc. However, even athletes like runners need strength in these rotational muscles to help create stability. Rotational training will improve performance and injury reduction in athletes.


In the general population, How many times have you heard someone with back pain, say something like “I tweaked my back while turning to put my seat belt on.” Does this person have a “bad back” or have they avoided rotation so much they this movement has become extremely deconditioned. Eventually, rotation becomes a scary movement, that many people avoid at all cost. Instead of avoiding we should try to strengthen this motion and help prevent future back pain.

#5: 🌪DNS Star🌪


#4:🌪Single Leg RDL Row🌪


#3:🌪Split Stance Rotational Cable Punch🌪


#2:🌪Split Stance Rotation High Row🌪


#1: 🌪Single Arm TRX Rotational Row🌪


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