How much water do we actually need?

The importance of water and proper hydration is undeniable. Heck we are made up of majority of water. There is also countless research showing the negative side effects both in daily life and on Athletic Performance caused by dehydration. However, how much water do we actually need?

We have all seen the gym bro’s walking around with their gallons of water. I’m pretty sure we have all wondered do they actually need that much water or are they just using that big jug for some extra curls throughout the day? Or are they just trying to have a weird flex? We get it, you lift…..

The answer is drinking that much water is probably not hurting them, besides making them have to pee every 20 minutes. But drinking that much water is probably over doing it. According to the Interanational sports science association ( @issaonline )water intake should be based off your daily energy expenditure(resting +active calories)

2000 calories: 64-80 ounces
3000 calories: 102-118 ounces
4000 calories: 138-154 ounces
5000 calories: 170-186 ounces
6000 calories: 204-220 ounces

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