Shoe Review: Altra Solstice XT

Shoe: Altra Solstice XT

Category- Cross Trainers


Heal to Toe Drop: 0mm

Stack Height: 23 mm

Cost- $110


  • Comfortable for all day wear
  • Upper gives support for lateral movements
  • Enough support to perform agility drills
  • Wide toe box that allows foot to splay and increase base of support at the foot
    • Alot of trainers are narrow, so great option for people with wide feet
  • Very comfortable and breathable
  • Durability- I have put mine through the ringer and they have held up well


  • Too much cushion for them to be optimal in heavy lifts
  • Good at alot but not great at anything

I love my Solstice! During the Covid lockdown these were the perfect shoes. I was constantly jumping between kettlebell work, running, agility etc. I also wasn’t lifting very heavy. This allowed for all of the Solstice’s pros to shine through. As I have gotten back in the gym, and having days entirely dedicating to lifting, or running I have switched to more specialized shoes. These shoes are good at a-lot of things but not great at anything.


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