Shoe Review: Nike Metcon 5 Review

Shoe: Nike Metcon 5

Category- Cross Trainers


Heal to Toe Drop: 6mm

Cost- $130


  • Great for heavy lifts
  • Heel Inserts to increase the offset… Great for people who lack proper ankle dorsiflexion to allow them to get into deep squats
  • Many designs/colors
  • Wider fit than many other trainers
  • Very comfortable and breathable


  • Not as good looking of a shoe compared to previous models
  • Extremely uncomfortable to do any running in.

During the fall when I was not going as heavy on my lifts I was using the Altra Solstice as my primary trainer. These were great for all the turf workouts I was forced to do during Covid Lockdown. However, when I was able to get back into the gym and started to lift heavy again, they left a-lot to be desired. They had too much cushion to feel comfortable performing heavy squats. With that a few weeks ago I made the switch to the Nike Metcon 5. These have been amazing for my lifting. Their 8 mm heel inserts that they supply have been a wonderful surprise as they greatly improve my squat days. However, their one downfall is cardio after a workout is no longer an option. Overall, I have absolutely loved these shoes, however, I have had to identify their weakness and plan accordingly.

Nike Metcon 5 Men's Training Shoe



Performance- 9/10




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