7 Exercises for Pitchers and Their Shoulders

How fast would you drive if I gave you a Ferrari?

What if I told you there was a cliff 1000 feet up the road?

Pitchers are amazing athletes that are able to generate and absorb tremendous amounts of force with relative ease! Check out this Sports Science video of Aroldis Chapman!

As you can see pitchers arms are quite literally super cars. Their pitching arm can create angular velocities of 8500 degrees per second! With having this much horse power, we must have the “brakes” to match. To absorb the forces that pitching creates, we must use our entire body in a 3 dimensional motion. However, many times the weak point in our system is the rotator cuff. This leads to Rotator cuff injuries being one of the most common injuries among pitchers. To help prevent these injuries we must develop proper amounts of mobility, strength and motor control. In these 7 exercises, we are training our shoulder and body to control eccentric forces.

As we move towards the last few exercises, we begin to make the exercise look more like the activity of pitching.

Mobility Exercises:

Improving Motor Control and Strength:

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