Week 2: 7 “Low Impact Cardio” exercises

Keeping your patient active throughout the rehab process is an absolute must! If we are not keeping our athletes aerobically and anareobically conditioned while we rehab their shoulder, ankle sprain, knee pain, back pain etc, we are doing them a disservice. Being able to find a low impact exercise to keep our athlete in shape, will not only help them return to sport effectively and safely but will also help improve their rehab.

Aerobic exercise has been shown to

Improve Self Efficacy- This is one of the toughest times in this person lives, being able show them they are still able to do something and be athletic will be huge for the mental side of the rehab process

Maintain bone strength- Wolffs law states “bones will adapt based on the stress or demands placed on them” muscles moving will help maintain bone health during this period of relative inactivity.

Mental/emotional boost: exercise has been shown to decrease depression and anxiety

Maintain Cardiovascular Fitness: Research has shown we experience significant declines in cardiovascular fitness within 2 weeks of relative inactivity. It is also takes much longer to gain Cardio fitness compared to how long it takes to lose it.

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