5 Things I wasn’t prepared for in Physical Therapy School

Originally Posted October 21 2020 (https://compasshealthperfo.wixsite.com/mysite/post/5-things-i-wasn-t-prepared-for-in-physical-therapy-school)

1. Cadaver Lab

This has been one of the most important learning experiences throughout my Physical Therapy education. However, nothing can prepare you for the first day when you are face to face with your cadaver and you must begin the dissection. This was my “This is getting real” moment.

2. Practical Nerves

Whether it was in foundational skills, MSK, Interventions, CVP, Pediatrics, etc . Practical nerves NEVER disappear.I am constantly left questioning if I know anything at all.

3. First Evaluation in Clinic:

This was the no more “fake till you make it” moment for me. There is no more guessing; you have to display confidence on the outside(even if you feel like you are about to pass out) while combining everything you have learned to best understand what is going on with your patient.

4. Paper work:

I must have missed the informational packet that told me I was becoming an english major. But learning how to effectively and efficiently do paperwork is absolutely crucial. This has been one of the most difficult skills for me to conquer.

5. First patient that puts life into perspective:

Throughout my clinical rotations and observation hours, I have seen some crazy injuries, met amazing people, and have learned a ton. However, I feel everyone has one patient that truly puts life into perspective. For me it was an 18 year old girl, who suffered severe brain trauma following being hit by a drunk driver on the night of her prom. This was the first patient, that made me look at the world differently and appreciate everything that I have. This girl could’ve been myself, my best friend, my girl friend, a classmate etc. It reminded me the importance of maximizing everyday; because we don’t have control of what will happen. It also reminded me the importance of physical therapy in helping people during the hardest time of their lives.

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